A Good Day to Run Away From Jakarta Raya - Pari Island

My alarm was ringing like crazy. It’s really heavy to open my eyes because I only had 3 hours sleep and I’m about to go back to sleep, but my friend yelled on my ear “Wake up lazy butt! We are gonna to Pari Island in 1 hour!” I jumped out from bed, and had quick washed up (brushed my teeth and cleaned up my face) and we were ready to go.

We are late! We are late! And I really hate to be late! I ran like Godzilla tries to chase me and Dang! The boat was already full filled. Note for yourself: sleep well and wake up early, so you can have a nice place to sit on boat because the stateroom is very tiny but the passengers are overloaded and don’t expect you can have something comfy to sit on. Finally, after had a little fight with some mom with 5 crazy kids I had a nice place to sit.

Actually, you can take a very nice speed boat to Pari Island from Marina Quay – Ancol but the ticket price is quite expensive, so I prefer to take traditional shipping boat from Kaliadem Port –Muara Angke.

Hoam.. I’m a person who can get bored very easily. It needs 3 hours from Muara Angke to Pari Island and I started to get very bored. Took some picture, tried to sleep, had a snack, bla..bla..bla.. and whoa it was raining! I played with rain for killing time and pinched a little boy who thrown up some trash to sea.

Wohoo! I arrived at Pari Island Port, in the blinked eye: Find some place to sleep, unpack my stuff, find a bike to go around the island, and ride a bike to Perawan beach!

White sands, sounds of the sea, sewed field and interesting mangrove tree, what I can describe about Perawan beach. I’ve got a little conversation with local people about the name of this beach are come from. They said behind the beautiful scenery, perawan had creepy urban legend story; Once upon a time, there was a girl who kidnapped in Pari. No one couldn’t find this girl, she’s disappeared like a wind, and thereafter some people claimed that they saw ghost of that girl in this beach.

Earlier this beach was named by the own Pak Mainun; Mainun Beach, but they changed it because commercial thingy to Perawan based on the urband legend, Perawan in English is Virgin refer to the urband legend, it’s also has a meaning the beach is still pure like a virgin. And honestly Perawan/Virgin beach more has commercial value than the name before it, sorry Pak Mainun!

And then I ordered some fried tofu (I was so starving and they only had tofu for Vegan like me) and coconut at small shop. You know I’m very addicted to coconut; only in 2days I’m at Pari, I had drink 10 coconuts without sugar or ice added. After played around the Perawan Beach, I went back to homestay. They already set lunch for us; I grabbed the plate and enjoyed my Vegan lunch enthusiastic.

It’s a snorkeling time! Yaiy! I was very excited even I didn't bring underwater camera. On the way to snorkeling spot I took a lot picture, snorkeling guide asked me if I’m a photographer and I said short of, he laughed and he introduce his self “Bang Joy”. He said it wasn’t his name, but Jakarta people called him as bang Joy. When we arrived bang Joy said I must wear the life jacket, first time I followed the rule but not for long I took off the life jacket. How can I snorkel around if I’m floating huh?!?

Bang Joy directed me to beautiful coral spot but two of my friends grabbed my hand and said don’t swim too far. Suddenly, I’ve got a little itchy on my hand, wow! Jelly Fish attacks! Bang Joy said we should move to another spot, too much jelly fish in here.

4 hours snorkeled around and island hopping to Rambut Island and Tikus Island very sad saw this island is fulfilled by home and industrial waste from Jakarta, and then we back to Pari port. After cleaning out our body, we take a rest for awhile and had some dinner. My friends and I went to Perawan Beach, my friends enjoyed the seafood BBQ and while me had an interesting conversation with Bang Joy about the condition of Pari Island and some interesting spot to explore in here.  I’m quite disturbed with Perawan Beach night life; very loud annoying music and the crowd. 

In the morning, My Friends and I woke up early to catch the sunrise but unlucky us the sky was too cloudy so we decided to take a ride to Kresek Beach, it’s LIPI coral conservation. At the beginning I thought the name of Kresek Beach came from Javanese language means plastic bag but I was wrong, kresek means banyan tree. There’s a lot starfish there, but too bad I forgot to charge my camera so I couldn’t take a photos of them.

The sun was high; I asked my friend to have some lunch and charged my camera battery before we went to Pari Kudus Island. It’s not that difficult to find some Vegan food in here and what I love they have sambal (chili sauce) that is very spicy.

Here we go! Pari Kudus Private Island! What a beautiful place, it’s very near from the main island. Bang Joy Said when it’s low tide we can walk from Pari to Pari Kudus, so Interesting. If you want to go there you should rent a small boat and pay 50K rupiah to the guard island, you know it’s a private island.

Our time was running out, hard to us to leave this one of island in the Seribu Island, we got very great time in Pari, I promise someday I will go back there! Thank you Bang Joy for the hospitality and Jakarta please keep Pari clean!

Budget (in Rupiah)
-Taxi: 40k (From my Place Kebayoran Lama to Kaliadem Port)
-Ticket Boat : 70K (Return) for single trip 35k
-Homestay : 500K for 10 pack (Me and my friend join with another group so we only pay 100k/night include 3x Meals)
-Snorkeling Gear: 20k/pax
-Life Jacket: 10K/pax
-Rent a boat to snorkel spot: 500k (We join with another group so we only pay 100k)
-Mangrove tree: 10k
-Boat to Pari Kudus Island: 30k (Return)
-Guide: 100k

If you need guide in Pari, I highly recommended Bang Joy. He also can guide you to another Island in Seribu such as Tidung, Harapan Bira, Pramuka, Putri, and etc.
Bang Joy contact:+6287876361428

Be a smart tourist and responsible travel.


  1. huwaaa suka banget sama poto2 laut dan pantainya *joget joget*

    aku sendiri belum pernah ke kepulauan seribu :(
    pengeeeennn, pengen ke pulau Pari, Putri, Bidadari, Semak Daun, duh banyaaaak maunya :)

    1. Terimakasih :)

      kapan-kapan mampir yuk ke kepulauan seribu

  2. Really love this post, nice picture and word. Like it :)

  3. Duuuh ini foto2nya kerennya keterlaluan deh...
    SUKA!!!! :)

    1. woaaaaa.... terimakasih banyak jadi terharu :")

  4. Wah, seru kayaknya nih...
    btw, spot buat snorkeling di skitar Pulau Pari sama P.Tidung bagusan mana ya? Dulu pernah 2D1N trip ke p.pramuka, tp snorkelingnya di spot deket P.Semak Daun, lumayan bagus.. pengen nyoba di Tidung.

  5. Oh wow, what a beautiful place! Thanks for sharing this awesome pictures! And thanks so much for visiting my blog! It is nice to meet another vegan! I will definitely follow along with your adventures!
    I love fried tofu and anything spicy!

  6. thanks for visiting my blog Tri :)

  7. wah, asik nih. perlu dijelajahi.

  8. keren banget fotonya mbak..i truly enjoy my trip to pari ;)

  9. Pari kudus nya kerenbener yaaa, jadipenasaran :)

  10. Ternyata bagus juga ya, dan gak jauh dr jakarta