About Me

I sat at the laptop for three and five hours.. just searching for the right words. But I was helpless ha! Ha! OK I give up trying to make awesome “about me” section.

My name is Demetria, you can call me with Tria. I'm a half polish and half Indonesian (Javanese) lucky I am, I live in indonesia.

Writing and exploring new things are in my blood. My dad is a journalist and my mom is a culinary explorer, perfect combination to create a daughter with a bloody curiosity.

So here I am!  Story telling about a little part of my life, about the places that I’ve been visited, food that I ate, people that I met, and what I felt through my little journey.

How to contact me? Sure! A Simple thing to do, just send me an email to dailycomplainer@gmail.com and I will try to reply you back.

The name of my blog I pick up from Hit The Road Jack song by Ray Charles and has a meaning: to start a journey. I think that's a cool name, Isn't it?